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Taverna Arkoudas

Located at Pargas seaside, right of the anchor, Arkoudas restaurant is just a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Here you'll get the classical greek taverna feeling. Serving both meat and fish, as well as the typical greek appetizers you're guaranteed to find something you like. 


Fish Taverna Souli

Just left of the anchor in the city center you'll find Souli. For the ones looking for a finer dining experience this is the perfect choice. And their fresh seafood is unbeatable. 


Taverna Roptro

If you're looking to eat out of Parga, Roptro is a great option located in the village of Agia, on the way to Sarakiniko. A ten minute drive north of Parga is definitely worth it for their lovely food. They'll offer you everything you expect from a Greek taverna. 


Taverna Petros

This is one for the meat lovers. Located on the road over Krioneri beach Petros offers meat of all types, and of top quality. In addition they serve a range of fantastic appetizers.   


Oscar Pizza & Pasta

Getting a bit of variation can be okay. If you want to try something different from the Greek cuisine, Oscar offers top class Italian dining with a gorgeous view of Pargas seafront. Located to the right of Arkoudas. 


Fish Taverna To Dixti

Located in a village 5 minutes north of Parga, called Anthousa, To Dixti is another great option for those looking to dine out of Parga. Here you'll find top notch seafood at affordable rates. 

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