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Agios Giannkis


Located right in the city center of Parga, the town beach is just a 5 minute walk from our hotel. A good option for days when you don't want to go far for your morning swim. From the beach you can easily swim to the Island of Panagia. Consisting of mostly sand and small pebbles you can both lay on the sand, or opt to rent a sunbed, the beach can however get a bit crowdy on hectic summer days.  



A five minute drive from Parga, or 10 minutes with a taxi boat you'll find Lichnos. A large beach mostly consisting of small pebbles, and with the option to indulge in several water sport activities, such as jet skiing.  



Turning left right after the village of Agia, north of Parga, you'll find the pebbly beach of Sarakiniko. The beach is organized with sundbeds and restaurant, and makes for an excellent spot to watch the sun set into the Ionian sea. Definitely worth the 20 minute drive from Parga. Maybe stop by the castle of Ali Pasha to get a bit of cultural input on the way? 



With its abrupt rock formations and green forrest this beach almost gives you the feeling of being in Bali. An unorganized beach with crystal clear water and fine sand. You'll find this serene beach by turning left a bit before the village of Perdika, approximately a 35 minute drive north of Parga. As the signing is not great, and parts of the road is dirt you could ask the reception for more specific directions.  



Right next to Karavostasi you'll find this beach consisting of fine blackish sand. With its shallow waters you can walk far into the ocean, making it perfect for kids to play around. In between Karavostasi and Arilla you can also look for a small, hidden beach called Stavrolimena. 


Agios Giannakis

Driving 15 minutes south of Parga you'll find this beach just before you reach the highway. At the end of what reminds one of a short fjord you'll find this tranquil beach consisting of small stones, with a charming canteen next to it where you can get your basic needs. 



Steep rock formations on its sides and a small rock in the center of the sea make Alonaki quite the picturesque location for a swim. There are no sunbeds, but a canteen offering some much needed refreshments on hot summer days. The beach is located around 30 minutes south of Parga, but can be a bit tricky to find, so asking the reception for guidance could be a good idea on this one as well.  



30 minutes south of Parga you'll find Loutsa. A huge beach consisting of fine sand. Parts of the beach is organized while there is still parts where you can bring your own towel and lay in the sand if preferable. There are stores all around, so getting hold of some food or a coffee (beer) won't be a problem. 


Piso Krioneri

In an extension of Krioneri you will find Piso Krioneri. A small and cozy beach around 10 minutes to walk from our hotel. The beach is made up of smaller stones, making sunbeds the most comfortable option. There is also quite a few rock formations along the beach making it a good spot for amateur cliff diving. 



Pebbles and sand stretching over 3km, with views over the Venetian Castle on the left and an old monastery on the right makes Valtos one of the best beaches in the area. In fact it's even been voted among the best beaches in Greece. Turning right at the Venetian Castle, it's about a 20 minute walk from our hotel. You can also opt to drive or take one of the frequent taxi boats.  


Spartila & Agios Sostis

These two hidden gems are located between Valtos and Sarakiniko, and can be found by following a dirt road turning left at Anthoussa. With few people being aware of these beaches you might be lucky and have them completely to yourself. Agios Sostis as seen on the top of this page, and Spartila as shown under, are both combinable with the church of  Agios Sostis as well. Ask in the reception for precise direction, or help renting a boat.  



30 minutes north of Parga, follow the signs left at the village of Perdika and you'll find Karavostasi. The beach is organized and with restaurants around, and makes for a great view when the sun sets over Corfu. With its open landscape it is often prone to some waves. 


Agia Paraskevi

Passing Perdika you'll find Agia Paraskevi on your left hand 30 minutes north of Parga. The pebbly and sandy beach lays in a bay secluded from the Ionian sea by an island right in front of it. Definitely a spot worth checking out, whether it's your main destination of the day, or as a stop on your way to Sivota. Kamini beach shortly before it could also be worth a stop. 



Much like Arilla this beach has shallow waters and makes for the perfect playground for kids with its fine, white sand. Turning right on the highway south of Parga this beach is a 20 minute drive away. With the mythological river of Acheron running out right by the beach, and the charming village of Ammoudia right behind it Ammoudia is a solid option.  



Right next to Alonaki on its north you'll find Skala beach. With fine sand and shallow water it is however quite different from Alonaki. The thing they both have in common is their crystal clear water. There's also a cozy canteen there offering great views over the beach. North of Skala you can also find Kerentza beach if you fancy another stop along the way.    



Its 22km of sand makes Monolithi the longest sand beach in the EU. Its vast size means you can find peaceful spots even on hectic days. Parts of the beach is organized, while other parts aren't. The beach is located 40 minutes south of Parga, and could be worth a short stop, for instance on the way to Lefkada

Piso Krioneri
Spartila, Agios Sostis
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