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Agia Eleni

Located on a hill top on the south side of Parga the church of Agia Eleni is just a 3km walk from our hotel. Albeit short the hike still offers some great views of Parga, and is a marvelous place to watch the sunset. There are several paths leading to the church. The shortest starting right after Piso Krioneri beach, but you could also walk a bit further on the road and turn right just before Perivoli restaurant. If you'd like to hike a bit further you can stay on the path and, instead of returning after Agia Eleni, continue all the way to Lichnos beach, making the hike around 6.5km each way.  


Valtos - Sarakiniko

Starting from Valtos beach one can hike to Sarakiniko beach through a route mostly on trail and dirty road. The scenery changing from coastline to olive tree forrest makes it a beautiful route. The beaches of Spartila and Agios Sostis can also be visited along the way. Although relatively flat the distance is quite far with around 7-8km per way. 


Acheron River

This mythological river offers hiking trails both in and out of water. With the river stretching 52km one can walk through parts of it starting at Glyki, or one could chose to hike along the ridge gazing over river. 


Old Town of Parga

The city of Parga used to be located upon the mountains around the city before it relocated to the seaside. Although there is not much to see there now (except some kettle) it still makes for a nice hike with great views over Parga (top picture on page). There's a variety of routes to chose from raging from 10-20km. Refer to the reception to give you directions, and if you get lost on the way just aim for the huge antenna on top of the mountain.  


Ali Pasha Castle

For the sporty ones visiting Ali Pasha Castle can be combined with a decent hike. Starting at our hotel one can either follow the car road all the way past the village of Anthoussa and then turn left, or one could opt for the less trafficked option of hiking through Valtos beach and following the roads leading to Anthoussa before turning left to find a path leading all the way up to the castle. The hike is around 6.5km per way and offers a great view over Parga, the village of Agia and the Ionian sea. 



Situated in the area of Zagori, Drakolimni is a bit farther away than the other options on this list, but the best one for those seeking higher mountains. Starting at Mikro Papigko at around a bit under 1000m. amsl. the climb takes you up to 2050m. amsl. with the roundtrip being 18km long. The hike ends at a lake with great views inhabited by small newts resembling small dragons. The area also offers a variety of other hiking options.    

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