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Cultural Sites

Venetian Castle of Parga

Upon a hill in the center of Parga you'll find the Venetian castle. With history dating back to the 15th century the castle has been controlled by many different empires as a strategic point of defense. While entering pay attention the narrow entrance where enemies would be greeted by metal spikes and boiling oil thrown from above. Besides its history the castle also offers fabulous views of the city center and Valtos beach. 


Agios Sostis Church

One of the most charming churches in the area around Parga. With it's structure being merged with the mountain it is truly a fascinating sight. After arriving by car one enters through a crack in the mountain which leads to the church and a great view of the Ionian sea. The church is accessible through a dirt road approximately 10-15 minutes drives north of Parga, turning left at the village of Anthousa. Located right by Agios Sosistis beach and Spartila beach, this is another sight combinable with your daily swim.


The Many Churches of Parga

With the main part of the Greek population being devoted Chirstian Orthodox there are a number of charming churches in and around Parga. Strolling around the streets and alleys of Parga you'll be sure to see them, and might even pop in to see their beautiful decorations. 


The Island of Panagia

Accessible through a short swim from Krioneri beach, the charming island of Virgin Mary is a great option to combine the beach and sightseeing. As well as two charming churches there's a small castle on the islands western side which was used in the defense of the city together with the Venetian castle. If you climb the wall behind the main church there is also a handlike print in the mountain, which some claim is the hand of Virgin Mary herself. 


Ali Pasha Castle

Built by Ali Pasha in the early 19th century with the aim to overtake Parga from the French this castle proved useless as the Brits soon took over control of Parga and sold the city to Ali Pasha. Reachable by a left turn right after the village of Anthousa the castle does however offer some interesting infrastructure, and a marvelous view over Parga and the Ionian sea, as well as the village of Agia. 


Acheron River

Located around 30-40 minutes southeast of Parga you'll find the Acheron river. According to Greek mythology Acheron was the entrance to the underworld where Charon would ferry souls across as they entered Hades' kingdom. When driving to Glyki you can walk up the ice cold waters the same route the damned souls used to take (although we haven't found the entrance to the underworld just yet...), as well as other activities such as rafting and ziplining. Other activities nearby include the Nekromanteion (temple of Hades and Persephone), as well as the beaches of Ammoudia, Alonaki and Skala

Venetian Castle
Agio Sostis
Panagia Island
Ali Pasha Castle
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